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Soups / Recipe - CABBAGE ROLL SOUP Recipe

1 c. cooked chicken meat 2 eggs plus 1 egg with ? c. cooked egg scramble then cut into long strip ? kg apulid or water chestnut, chopped 4 slice cooked ham, in long thin strip ? cooked ham, chopped 5 kg hot chicken broth 1 egg white 14 cabbage leaves 1 tbsp. cornstarch salt to taste 1 ? tbsps. onion, chopped


Chop chicken and pork meat to a paste. Blend in water chestnuts and ham. Add egg white and cornstarch, onion, and salt. Blend well. Parboil cabbage leaves. Remove the midrib. On each piece of cabbage leaf, spread about 2 tbsps. of mixture, arrange ham and fried egg at the center and roll. Steam for 15 minutes, the cut into 1? pieces. Arrange compactly in a cup. Pour chicken stock. Serve seasoned with salt.


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